Payment Options

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The cost is $120.00 per session and each session is 60 minutes in length. Missed session fees (less than 24 hour notice) are $100.00

Payment must be made at the conclusion of each session unless prior arrangements have been made.  Payment options include: Cash, cheque, e-transfer, debit, Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal.

“To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps

the greatest single act of daring greatly.” - Brené Brown

To book your appointment click on the link below, email, or call 204-380-1915.  If you email or call, you will receive a reply within one business day..


Office Hours


​Monday evenings (5:30-9pm),

Tuesday afternoon & evening (1:30 - 9pm),

Thursday and Fridays daytime​ (9am - 5pm).